Choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Sewing Patches on Hats

Choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Sewing Patches on Hats

Using a sewing machine is the quickest and most effective method to securely attach patches to caps and hats. When it comes to selecting the best sewing machine for this task, a post bed sewing machine stands out for its ability to handle cylindrical shaped items such as hats, and for its ease of use when sewing patches of various shapes and dimensions.

Techsew 810 post bed sewing machine

Post bed machines typically include 2 key features which make them perfect for sewing patches:

Vertical Post Bed:
The main advantage of post bed sewing machines is the vertical post, which rises from the base of the machine. The post bed provides an open sewing area, allowing the operator to insert the hat onto the machine and easily maneuver it 360 degrees while sewing. This can be done without the need to compress or fold the hat, and without interference from the machine and table surface. Other types of sewing machines such as flatbed or cylinder arm machines may require the operator to compress and fold the hat in order to complete a 360 degree rotation.

Post bed sewing machine

Roller Foot Feeding Mechanism:
Post bed machines commonly feature a roller foot or roller feed, which is a feeding mechanism which compresses, guides and pulls the material being sewn into the machine. Roller foot machines are designed for sewing curves, circles and various shapes without having to stop the machine to reposition the product. The needle is positioned close to the roller foot for sewing along borders and edges and for improved stitch visibility to the operator. Roller foot machines are suitable for sewing embroidered patches and patches made from leather, pvc, cork, leatherette and various other materials and fabrics.

Techsew 810 post bed sewing machine

Choosing the right machine for you:

Techsew offers several post bed machines suitable for sewing patches onto hats. In most cases, the Techsew 810 would be the best machine for this application, but in some cases the 830 or 860 may be more suitable if sewing other types of products as well.

Techsew 810 post bed sewing machine:

The Techsew 810 features a drop-feed feeding mechanism, where the roller foot compresses and guides the material being sewn. Featuring a 7” post bed, adjustable stitch length, reverse lever and variable speed SmartServo motor, the 810 is our most popular sewing machine for sewing patches on hats and is used by embroidery shops, apparel makers, hobbyists and large manufacturers.

Techsew 830 post bed sewing machine:

The Techsew 830 features a synchronized upper and lower feed feeding mechanism, where the gear driven roller foot helps feed thicker and more multi-layered materials. The 830 can sew up to 3/8” thick material and can use up to size #22 needle and #138 thread. The 830 is suitable for those wishing to sew patches on hats as well as heavier materials such as leather products (bags, belts, wallets etc.)

Techsew 860 post bed sewing machine:

The Techsew 860 is a compound feed, walking foot machine which features alternating presser feet, needle feed and a feed-dog which all collaborate to feed the material into the machine. The 860 has a higher presser foot clearance and is suitable not only for sewing patches on hats but also for footwear, apparel and leather goods production. The 860 features a large bobbin and can sew up to 3/8” thick material using up to size #24 needle and #138 thread.

For more detailed information and specifications on Techsew post bed sewing machines, visit our Post Bed Sewing Machine Buying Guide.

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