Who will be delivering my machine?

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Your machine will be delivered by Hercules Freight or TForce (for USA shipments), FastFrate or TST Overland (for Canada shipments). We will send you a shipment notification with tracking information as soon as your machine is shipped.

Please allow at least 24 hours after receiving our shipment notification before attempting to track your shipment.

Contact information for shipping companies:

Hercules Freight: To track your shipment call Hercules at 800-621-8723. To track your order online, visit https://www.herculesfreight.com/Forms/TrackShipment .

TForce Freight:
Track your shipment by visiting: https://www.tforcefreight.com/ltl/apps/Home or calling 800-333-7400

To track your shipment, call FastFrate at 800-268-1564. To track your order online, visit https://fastfrate.com/en/

TST Overland: 
To track your shipment, call TST Overland at 888-878-9229. To track your order online, visit https://www.tstoverland.com/tracing

For more information on how Techsew machines are shipped, watch the following video: