What is the difference between the Techsew 2750 and 4800?

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While the 2750 and 4800 are similar machines in terms of sewing performance, there are some differences between these two models:

  • The 4800 is a self-oiling (automatic lubrication) machine, while the 2750 is manually oiled.
  • The 4800 can use up to size #277 thread and the 2750 can use up to size #207 thread
  • The 4800 has dual tension control , allowing for more precise control of thread tension, especially when using larger thread sizes.
  • The 4800 has an adjustable presser foot climbing mechanism, which improves stitch length consistency when sewing over uneven surfaces.
  • The 4800 has an integrated bobbin winder, the 2750 uses a table mounted bobbin winder.
  • The 4800 includes a speed reducer pulley for ultra-slow sewing speed. It is available as an upgrade with the 2750.
Ultimately, both machines are suitable for most light to medium leather projects (as well as heavy fabrics) such as bags, belts, wallets, notebook covers, upholstery and more, however the 4800 does include some more modern elements and upgraded features.