Groz Beckert DP17 135x17 Needles for Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machines (10pk)

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Package of 10 needles. Made in Germany.

Needle System:
135x17 (DPx17)

Needle Point: R (Round point)
Application: Woven fabrics, soft leather
Seam Appearance: Slightly angled, slightly elevated

Resources: Sewing Machine Needles Buying Guide

Package of 10 needles. Made in Germany.

Needle System: 
135x17 (DPx17)

Needle Point: R (Round point)
Application: Woven fabrics, soft leather
Seam Appearance: Slightly angled, slightly elevated

Visit our Sewing Machine Needles Buying Guide for more information on needle compatibility, sizes, systems and more.

R point needles are known as universal or Round point needles, used for any general-purpose sewing. R point needles are the standard for lockstitch machines and are commonly used for woven fabrics and soft leather. R point needles will product a slightly angled or irregular stitch. The thread will be slightly elevated.

Compatible with the following machines:

Techsew Models:
106, 106-18, 106-25, 611, 0302, 1460, 1660, 2100, 2125, 2301, 2600, 26a03, 2700, 2750, 2800, 2900, 2900L, 20618-2, 4800

Brother Models:
DB2-B727, DB2-B797, DB2-B798, LS2-B837, LS2-B877, LS2-B891, LS3-C51, LS3-C53, LT2-B838 

Chandler Models:

Consew Models:
118R, 119R, 146RB, 166R, 166RB, 206RB, 223, 224, 225, 226, 226R-1, 227, 229, 239, 244, 254, 255, 255RB, 277, 28, 282, 288, 289, 333RB-3, 339, 358, 382, 389, P1255RBLH-18 

Durkopp Models:
147-1, 147-2

Juki Models:
DNU-1541, DNU-1541S, DNU-241, LH-1162, LH-1182, LH-517, LH-518, LH-527, LK-980, LU-1114-4, LU-1114-5, LU-1500NH, LU-1508N, LU-1510, LU-1510N, LU-1510N-7, LU-1511N-7, LU-562, LU-563, LUH-521, LUH-562, MOL-100PA, MOL-100PSA 

Mercury Models:
280L, 280LS 

Mitsubishi Models:
CU-865-12, CU-865-22, DU-100, DU-110, DU-120, DY-339, DY-340, DY-349 

Seiko Models:
CW-7, CW-7B, CW-8, CW-8B, CW-8V, LAH-1LC, LCW Class, LLW Class, LLWH Class, LPW-8, LPW-26, LPW-27, LPW-28, LSC Class, LSW Class, PW Class, STH Class, STW Class, TD-2, TD-6 

Singer Models:
111G, 111W, 111W112, 111W151, 111W152, 111W153, 111W155, 138B, 153W, 168G, 168W, 211A, 211G, 211U, 211W, 307G2, 410W11 





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